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Northern Vision - 12ft High Grizzly Bear Edition of 5 (2 left) 8ft H rendition & Large table size available
Too Big for Her Britches - 115% of Life size Edition of 5 (2 left) Large table size available (3rd sculpture of Dawn's)
Colorado Ruler - 9ft H x 16ft L  Edition of 5 (2 left) SOLD OUT - Ask about Large Table size available on Secondary Market
Ram Proud - 12ft H Bighorn on rock Edition of 5 (2 left)  Table size available
Rocky Mountain Rumble - 21ft L x 7ft H - 2 Different Bighorn Rams locked in battle Edition of 5 (1 Left)  Table sizes available
My Cowboy - Hat, Boots & Piggin' String - Edition of 15
Tamu - Baby Elephant - Edition of 15 - (very first sculpture by Dawn) Large table size available
Baseball Buddies - Edition of 15 - table size available
Showin' Off -  Edition of 5 -  Large Table size available (also different Patinaes or colors available
Taking Stalk - Cougar on rock - Edition of 15 - Large table size available (Second one Dawn sculpted)
Taking Stalk MONUMENT - Edition of 5 (2 left)  2 1/2 times Life size (2nd sculpture of Dawn's)
Miss Priss - Lifesize kitty - Edition of 20 (real cat only weighed 8 lbs but this one...42lbs!)
Mother of the Plains - Edition of 5 (4 left) large table size replica available
Chaps - Edition of 5 - Large table size SOLD OUT (Ask about availability on Secondary Market -from one collector to another)
Annie the Railroad Dog - Lifesize - Edition of 15 - SOLD OUT (Ask about availability on Secondary Market)
Two's Company (wolves)- Edition of 5 (table size replicas available)
Everfaithful - Life size+ hunting dog on point- Edition of 15 (table size replicas available)
Full Throttle - Wildcat running- Edition of 15 (Life size/table size replicas available)

Rep/Contact Info

Tom E. Weimer